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Aqua Prep

"It might save you 100k which we had it done earlier [working with Qunatum Contract Solutions]"

Alltype Engineering

"Quantum has freed up a lot of time for me personally & derisked a lot of aspects of our contract administration."


"It's vastly cheaper than any other service and definitely cheaper than getting yourself into hot water."

Dave Hopkins

They pay for themselves!

FSC Civil

Extremely professional

Robar Civil

Great service!

Andrew Rovers

"I would absolutely recommend giving Quantum a shot, you'll be surprised with the value."

Ryan Taylor

Excellent Work!

Lee Brothers

"The service offered was exactly given to us and surpassed more than what was expected."

Russel McCarren

FAST turnaround

Ngurra Civil

Very professional service

Kennedy Builders

Very impressive and helpful

Robar Civil

"If we didn't have you onboard it would have been missed."

Maintain Resources

"Quantum has a highly professional service."

Barrasons Engineers

"Quantum has a robust sort of seamless process."

Mann Group



All departures are incorporated in the contract

Simon Boyes

Highly Recommended

Metal Concepts

"Quantum helped me sleep at night. I think it elevated the way Metal Concepts is perceived by our customers." 

PC Walls

"I think it made us more aware of reviewing the tender documents and ensuring that our tender submissions cover gaps."


"Quantum educated us by looking at some departures that come back from a lot of the standard."


Would not have had the confidence if it wasn't for Quantum

JDG Civil

Settled the cost disputes

Carrabay Rebar

Couldn't recommend them enough


"You've got to see a decent team."

Fletcher Civil

"So far the service we received is excellence!"

West Coast Civil

"QUANTUM PROCESS: Very easy to use!"


Quick, great, and presented well

Cono Services

16 out of 18 departures accepted!

Ben of FRC

Most professional I have experienced

Carrabay Rebar

F**cking belters!

McCawley Construction

18 out of 20 departures accepted!

Martin Riegert

Invaluable service


Thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, and organized service in relation to anything with contracts!

Adam Sheppard

Well recommended!


15 out of 17 departures accepted!

JDG Civil

Very supportive and has real-time responses

Civil Geopstial

10 out of 14 Agreed Departures

RISE Business AwardS

Outstanding Growth 

Telstra Best of Business Award

Innovation & Outstanding Growth

CEO Magazine

Start Up Of the Year (less than 5 years in business)